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Created in June 2014, Starting 5 Agency offers strategic advice and operational support to businesses and organizations in the Sports, Leisure and Entertainment industries. We help our clients optimize their investments in three areas of expertise: Stadium Consulting, Events and Management. strategic advice and an operational support for optimizing their investments in three areas of expertise: Stadium Consulting, Events and Management.


We support you in all stages of your projects for the construction and operation of stadiums and multi-purpose facilities.


We organize your sports and cultural events and advise you on the marketing and commercial strategy of the event.


We accompany and represent high level athletes in the fields of Marketing and Communication.


We strongly believe that developing sports and growing the interest in playing sports will contribute to address some of the major societal challenges we face today. societal challenges which confront us.

In that regard, better designing sports facilities is becoming an absolute priority, as those facilities are instrumental for sports to grow and flourish. Thanks to our strong knowledge of the sports ecosystem and of the existing offer, in terms of both functional and technological solutions, we can optimize sports facility projects from genesis to delivery. des technological and functional solutions allow us to optimize sports projects from their genesis to their delivery.

We are aware of the needs inherent to to the organizer and operator professions,which are regularly expressed to us by key players (stadium operators, clubs, producers) or which we know from having been in the shoes of the end users.

In addition to the quality of our expertise and the high standards we set for each of our actions, we are committed to always integrating human and responsible values into each of the projects entrusted to us


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